The portable CASA system

Ongo story

We started it up at KFKI Campus of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) which provided a unique access to research facilities and talented science professionals. Early market validation of Ongo revealed high demand for an affordable portable standard CASA system. Product development focused on a simplified easy-to-use, portable CASA systems combined 20 micron two chambers disposable slides. Clinical tests against desktop CASA system resulted valid agreements calculated by Bland-Altman statistics. After successful proof-of-concept validation, we partnered with Z Elektronika (Pécs) to turn Ongo into a manufacturing ready product. Parallel to that, we contracted Attain Technologies in Holland for glass slide production. We organised multi centric (Univetmed, Vienna; Research Institute for Animal Breeding, Herceghalom) clinical studies to independently validate our portable CASA system against desktop CASA. These cooperation resulted in several scientific publication backing our device applicability. We submitted patent applications in Hungary, in the USA and globally. As a part of Ongo development, we have started to build a unique paired video database of bull, boar, stallion, dog and poultry sperm samples. Thousands of records allows us to refine our CASA technology applying data science methodology. This data asset intended to use for better semen quality assessment using machine learning. We accumulate a special knowledge in understanding of sperm motility patterns which secure us a competitive position in semen quality assessment.

Meet Ongo Team

Dr. Tamas Babel

Founder/ Managing director

Over the past 5 years, I engaged in strategy, startup funding, product development consulting projects in neuroscience, reproduction/fertility, stem cells markets for private equities/investors, venture capitals. Prior to that, I worked in management roles with increasing responsibilities in the healthcare, pharma industries [@AstraZeneca] and management consulting sector [@BCG]. I have a medical [@Semmelweis University, MD] educational background with PhD in behavioural sciences and with an MBA [@Corvinus School of Management].

Dr. Laszlo Zalanyi

Technology Manager

Graduated in Statistical Physics [@Eötvös Loránd University, MSc,PhD] I worked on the field of Computational Neuroscience at Wigner Research Centre for Physics. Beside neuroscience my multidisciplinary interest led me to the fields of network science, political science as well. In the last years I started work as developer in various computer vision projects to develop a system providing feedback to quality management systems. I met with Tamas at the Wigner Research Institure and got involved to the development of the ONGO Sperm Analyser two years ago.

Amal Alsayahien

Event Assistant

I joined Ongo Vettech in 2020 as an event assistant. Prior to that, I finished my MSc degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Debrecen. I inherently understand that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organisation can have and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience, that’s why I’m passionate to make our costumers satisfied with our product and service. Stay tuned for more events.

Erika Kubany

Office Coordinator

I graduated in educational science in 2011. After graduation I took part in several projects as a  consultant. As a mother of four after my children grow up, I started anew as a freelancer in project  administration. In 2020 I come to Ongo Vettech Ltd as an office coordinator, looking for more challenges and  excitement.

Prof. Gabor Gyorgy

He was educated in 1980 at the University of Veterinary Sciences in Budapest. Since 1991 he is the secretary of the Hungarian Society of Animal Reproduction (, Hungarian member of the ICAR (International Congress of Animal Reproduction) Standing Committee (1996-present), (, and member of the Executive Committee since 2004. He serves as the Secretary General of the upcoming ICAR 2008 conference what will be held in Budapest ( One of the founders and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Applied Animal Andrology (AAAA - Founding Diplomate of the ECAR (European College of Animal Reproduction) in 2001. He started his research work in 1983 and actually works for the Research Institute for Animal Breeding and Nutrition (started in 19992) as scientific advisor. His main interests are animal andrology, semen evaluation; ovulation synchronization and estrus induction, early pregnancy detection and preventing embryonic loss in dairy cows. He has a broad international scientific collaboration experience including North-American scientists. He gave seminars at Kansas State University, University of Florida, University of Idaho and he was visiting scientist at Agriculture and Agrifood Research Centre (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) and visiting professor at University of Idaho (Moscow, ID, USA 1996-1997). He started a joint research project with Biotracking founder Professor Garth Sasser in 1995.

Ferenc Matyus

I started my profession in Denmark in 2009 as a pig farm worker and then became farm manager 2 years later. This was a 400 sow farm where the sows were free range and with the help of the breeding organization, we participated in a lot of housing technology experiments.  I was in Denmark until 2015, and in recent years, based on our results, we have managed to be among the best. After that, I joined Bonafarm group as a chief farm manager, I had to manage a newly started farm. In 2016, I was asked to be a professional leader in the pig industry, as DanBred genetics was added to the entire group of companies. And since 2017, as the breeding director, my task is the professional management, sales and expert advice of the production of breeding material and breeding animals.

Prof. Julianna Thuroczy

Graduated in University of Veterinary Science at 1991and was invited to Reproduction Clinic just after the graduation. She was working as associate professor until 2018, habilitate at 2007. Her PhD. was taken at 1998 and she received diploma as Specialist of Small Animal Medicine at 2003. Meanwhile she passed the examination of European College of Animal Reproduction, since 2002 Diplomate of ECAR, EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Reproduction. Between 2008 and 2013 she was member of Examination Committee of ECAR, at 2010 as Chairman of Committee. She is member of European Veterinary Society of Small Animal Reproduction, member of Board between 2003-2010 as treasurer. In addition, she is member of European Society of Veterinary Endocrinology, since 2017 as member of Board, treasurer, member of European Society of Veterinary Oncology and European Society of Endocrinology. She graduated University of Economy Science at 2000, Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Horticultural Science, MSc in Horticulture at 2012 and Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law at 2019. More than 170 publications and scientific presentations in international journals and congresses were published. Dog and cat reproduction, endocrinology and oncology are field of her specialisation, she takes care of 5-6000 patients in a year.

Tamas Pable

From 2010 I started as farm manager at Szent István University, Gödöllő (Hungary).In 2012 I established my own farm focused on beef and dairy cattle breeding, milk production and sport horse training and breeding. From 2013 I worked as a researcher in a Group of reproductional biology at National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center, Herceghalom (Hungary). We did research work in the institute and in our partner institutes as well in the field of pregnancy checking of sows and sheep and in semen examination of boars and choose for cryopreservation. From 2016 I am working at Vitafort Agro Asia as animal breeding adviser. Our project's aim is to establish a going "from the field to the desk" agriculture in Laos. Ongo Vettech Ltd. asked me to be their consultant in Dairy and beef cattle and horse breeding sector in 2020.

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