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Compatibility issues with Samsung S23: 

Our recent compatibility tests have revealed that the Samsung S23 Android smartphone does not fully integrate with the ONGO VISION optical unit. This limitation stems from the fact that the optical unit's firmware, developed by its manufacturer, does not yet support the latest technological advancements incorporated in Samsung's S23 model.


 This compatibility issue may affect users intending to utilize the full range of features offered by the ONGO VISION optical unit in conjunction with the Samsung S23. Specific functionalities impacted include ("frame error"; "camera connection error").


The root cause of this incompatibility lies in the absence of updated support from the optical unit's manufacturer for the newest developments introduced by Samsung in their S23 model. As technology progresses rapidly, ensuring compatibility between devices requires constant updates and adjustments from all manufacturers involved.

Next Steps: 

We are actively engaging with the manufacturer of the ONGO VISION optical unit to expedite the development of a firmware update that would resolve this compatibility issue. While we are optimistic about a positive outcome, we currently do not have a definitive timeline for when these updates will be available.


For users currently utilizing or considering the Samsung S23 in conjunction with the ONGO VISION optical unit, we recommend exploring alternative devices that are confirmed to be fully compatible, at least until an update is released. Our team is available to provide recommendations and support to help identify suitable alternatives that meet your needs.


We understand the importance of seamless device integration for our customers' operational efficiency and are committed to resolving this issue promptly. We will keep you updated on our progress and any developments related to this matter. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.