It's a pleasure for us to inform our partners that from middle of this January our ONGO VISION product works via an ANDROID App making it possible to have visualizations, save and monitor the semen quality of animal species right away on smartphones, tablets etc.

ONGO VISION has no built in monitor, - this way the unit is half of the size and weight of its predecessor flagship product ONGO COMPACT - but still offers the top notch measurement possibilities - and besides you can connect it to your tablet, smartphone etc. to watch the live picture - made by the scope - of your sample even on a bigger screen. 



- android based application (Android 8. or higher version with USB-C 3.0 gen. or higher ported device)

- 11 species 

- 10 available languages 

- measures semen concentration and motility

- portability

- running on battery (or from network via its charger cable)

- heated stage

- live view (you can save the videos on your smart device)

- automatic focus (with manual fine tuning)

- on-screen results (automatic report saving in .pdf or .csv format)

- repeating measurements (for more reliable results and quality analysis) 

- easy data export and data integration (platform-independent and simple)

- no need for internet access (except for downloading the ONGO app)

- no hidden maintenance cost, better reliability

It's possible to use the unit on different species like Swine, Canine, Ram, Poultry, Equine, Bovine, Fish and many more. 


- not an "all in one" unit (you need to connect your smart device to make measurements) 

- you need to download the application (ONGO VISION) 

- needs a USB 3.0 (or higher) cable and a connected smart device (with a USB 3.0 capable port) to 

   make it work properly

- not working with older (below USB 3.0) ported devices. 

- some bugs may appear on some devices (use always the latest version of ONGO VISION  

   application to avoid this)

ONGO VISION is using the same precalibrated Slides just like it's predecessor, so they are totally compatible with the unit. 


ONGO VISION mobile semen analyzer is available in a so called "starting kit". The KIT contains the UNIT, the CABLES for charging and data saving, a box of ONGO Slides (25pcs for 50measurements), eleven preinstalled licences, and a HARD CASE. 

The KIT does not contain a smartphone or a tablet!!